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 Telemedicine is temporarily available upon request for follow-up patients only. All new patients must be in-person for the initial evaluation. To maintain excellent care patients must be seen every other visit in person.  Most health insurance will cover telemedicine in the same way that in-person visits are covered.  However, it is important that you check with your insurer before your telemedicine visit or call our clinic to confirm this coverage.

In order to have a successful telemedicine connection you must have a strong wifi signal. A cellular signal will not suffice. 


The clinic uses the secure HIPAA-compliant platform 'Doximity' to conduct telemedicine sessions. Ten minutes prior to the scheduled session, our office will contact the scheduled patient and collect payment. 




 Patients' instructions; for mobile and Ipad

1. Click on the link in the text message you receive

2. Tap on the blue "Join Visit" button

3. You will be prompted to enable the camera and microphone access; tap"Allow"

4. Once you have enabled camera and microphone access, you will join the video call

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